Which '80s TV Jock Are You?

Steven Miller

Image: Collage; Magnum, P.I., Michael Knight, MacGyver

About This Quiz

These heroes of the '80s showed off their athleticism on the small screen. Let's see which one of them best fits with your personality and jock abilities.

Which sport is most appealing to you?

How handy would you say you are?

How comfortable are you with technology?

How laid-back are you?

How much time do you spend in bars?

How athletic are you now?

Did you ever serve in the military?

Which U.S. state is most appealing to you?

How would you describe your love life?

Which film genre is most appealing to you?

Do you own a gun?

Who is your most difficult relationship?

Would you consider yourself to be a feminist?

How charming would you say you are?

Which MLB team do you like the most?

Which NFL team do you like the most?

Which NBA team do you like the most?

Which NHL team do you like the most?

Which PGA Tour legend do you like the most?

Which Olympic athlete from the '80s do you like the most?

Are you a business owner?

Would you consider yourself a resourceful person?

Which kind of car would you prefer to drive?

Are you mechanically-inclined with cars?

Which mode of transportation is the best fit for your personality?

How well are you able to relax during your downtime?

How good are you at giving advice?

Would you say that you thrive under pressure?

Have you ever sustained a major injury in your life?

How much do you enjoy a good mystery?

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