Which American Gladiator Are You?

Mark Lichtenstein

Image: The Movie DB

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In the annals of television history, "American Gladiators" stands alone. Is that a compliment? It depends on the audience. No one who watched TV in the 1990s can forget the characters from that great show, but which one of them is most like you?

You get a concussion. What do you do?

How do you take care of your health?

How much time do you put into your hair?

Do you have ambitions as an actor?

Do you have a beef with any of the contestants?

Do you have any bad habits?

Do you have a background in gymnastics?

What is your event?

What do you think you'll probably do when you retire?

What is your mood when you're competing?

Did people send you letters begging you to marry them?

If you weren't an American Gladiator, what sport would you play?

How much fake tan are you wearing?

What injury would finish your career?

Who is your inspiration?

Who is your most common type of fan?

What move are you proud of?

If the show were on today, what brand would endorse you?

What might people be surprised to know about your alter ego?

What is the ultimate sporting no-no?

How flexible are you?

If you had to fight with a medieval weapon, which would you choose?

Can you touch your right shoulder with your right hand?

What's a good theme song for you?

If a restaurant named a sandwich for you, what would be in it?

If a bar named a drink for you, what would be in it?

If they'd had Twitter in 1989, what would have been your gladiatorial Twitter handle?

Would you be any good at commentary?

How badly do you want this?

What sport do you deem too dangerous to practice?

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