Which American Town Do You Belong In?

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About This Quiz

Many people feel nostalgic for the place they grew up. But most often, growing up means becoming disillusioned with your hometown. When your favorite toy store closes down, and the ice cream parlor becomes a fast food joint, it might be time to look for a new community that fits your personality.

Luckily, there are a lot of places to live in America, with growing economies, excellent school districts, and supportive and unique communities. While making a move can be daunting, joining a community that works for you can make that stress worth it. Finding a gaming community that embraces your new ideas or joining a sports team of a sport that you never thought you'd play again are just a few examples of the benefits that change can bring to your life. 

When you realize that you are craving a change of scenery in your life, how do you decide where to move? You could throw a dart at a map, ask your friends where they enjoyed, or drive until you feel like stopping. Our tailored quiz will give you a better aim than any of those methods.  Our quiz, filled with beautiful, exciting communities, will help you find a place that truly feels like a paradise. 

Where do you like to get your coffee from?

What kind of home do you dream of owning?

Which utility do you care most about?

What kind of sofa is your favorite?

Which feature is a must have for your dream home?

What is your favorite way to volunteer?

Which field do you want to work in?

Where do you like to buy your groceries?

What building should be the nicest in a small town?

When you go on vacation, where do you like to stay?

Which region of America do you love the most?

Which city abroad do you dream of visiting?

What kind of recreational activities do you like to show off to your guests?

Which comfort food do you love the most?

Where is your favorite place to read a book?

What kind of television are you addicted to?

What is your favorite thing to do in your home?

What kind of store do you most desire in your downtown?

Where are you most likely to talk to perfect strangers?

Which town motto appeals to you the most?

How do you feel about snow?

What kind of business have you always dreamt of opening?

What is your favorite season?

Which spa services do you treat yourself with?

What place are you a regular at?

How do you like to get around town?

Which room would you remodel first in a new-to-you home?

Which home decorating theme do you tend towards?

Who is the first person you call when you get a new job?

What kind of shoes do you wish you could wear year-round?

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