Which Ancient Weapon Will Your Heart Summon?

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When many people think of "warfare," modern conflicts like the Battle of Normandy, the War in Iraq or the invasion of Afghanistan come to mind. We think of young men in camo outfits, using sophisticated technology and cutting edge weapons to find and attack their foes.

But when you look at human history on a larger scale, some of the most epic battles actually happened hundreds of years before any of us were around.

Take Achilles, the famous Greek warrior. While many might know him best for being played by Brad Pitt in the feature film "Troy," the man himself was quite remarkable. Using only a sword, shield and some expert battle skills, he single-handedly changed the course of Greek history.

You can go even further back than that, to the Battle of Kadesh, the most famous conflict between two well-known ancient states: Egypt and the Hittite Empire. Using tools that are today considered rudimentary, like chariots and bows, tens of thousands of soldiers battled to preserve the boundaries of their respective kingdoms.

We don't talk much about the tools that were used during these historic battles. While we may have been focused more on famous military leaders like Hannibal and Julius Caesar, ancient weapons had plenty of personality and often reflected the nature of the soldiers who wielded them.

Which kind of ancient fighting equipment would you ride into battle with? We'll tell you after you finish this quiz. Mount up and prepare for glory!

Which ancient warrior society do you admire the most?

What do you think your best skill as a soldier would be?

If you could travel to any of the countries below, which would you choose?

How do you usually handle conflicts that arise in your life?

Let's say someone criticizes you at work — what is your response?

Many of history's warriors are known for their elaborate garb. What are you wearing into battle?

Which of these reasons is the best to fight a war?

Do you think soldiers should rely on sophisticated battle plans from their generals?

If you could use some form of transportation in battle, what would it be?

Who is your favorite ancient military leader?

What would you depend on to give you good fortune in battle?

How would you treat captured enemy soldiers after the fighting ended?

How would you get fired up to win an important ancient battle?

How would your friends describe your problem-solving skills?

What would be the first thing you do after winning a battle?

Is it more important to fight for your fellow countrymen, or the country itself?

Which of these is the most dishonorable act in battle?

What's your favorite famous battle cry?

If you suddenly lost your weapon in the heat of conflict, what would you do?

How would you face a battle where your side was extremely outnumbered?

What kind of meal do you want at the post-battle banquet?

Who should be the first to congratulate you on winning a battle?

How much skill do you want your weapon to require?

If you could choose, which modern-day weapon would you want to do battle with?

Which of these famous battles is most impressive to you?

Which of these jobs is closest to your current occupation?

As a warrior, what would you want your legacy to be?

What do you think is the key to being a successful fighter?

Which modern sport do you admire most?

What's your favorite movie about ancient warfare?

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