Which Animal Represents Your Inner Essence?

Ian Fortey

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In the grand scheme of time, it wasn't so long ago that humans were living much like animals. Sure, we have houses and subways and Starbucks in the present, but go back a few thousand years and where were we? Huts? Caves? Struggling to survive alongside the beasts of the woods? Humans and animals have shared this world for as long as humans have existed, and it's been a curious relationship. Sometimes friendly, like with cats. Sometimes helpful, like with horses. Sometimes antagonistic, like with snakes or tigers or bears. In the end, every animal has its place, and there's a place for every animal. But is there a place for one in you?

Fact is, we can't help but see patterns and similarities in life. That's why we use those metaphors to describe people as animals. As finicky as a cat. As proud as a peacock. Hungry like the wolf. We recognize qualities in each other that come from the animals in the world around us because we all come from the same place originally. And humans may have evolved and built our cities and technology, but the roots are still there. 

If you want to know what animal took root in you, what beastly essence still lives inside, why not take this quiz and see?

When you're out in public, do you want people to notice you, or would you rather fade into the background?

Are you usually traveling with a group of friends when you're out, or do you fly solo?

When you're hungry, like super hungry, do you maintain your composure, or do you tear that food apart?

Where do you feel most at home?

Animals and horror movies go hand in hand. What's your favorite animal-themed horror movie?

Do you ever lose your temper?

How well do you handle direct confrontation?

Do you tend to take the lead in your group of friends?

Think you could commit to a fully vegan lifestyle?

Are you the kind of friend who would pull a prank on another friend?

Are you a night owl, or do you feel most energized during the day?

Which animal at the zoo is going to hold your attention the longest?

When you're planning a vacation, what's the biggest factor you take into consideration?

Do you adapt better to brutal heat in the summer or extreme cold in the winter?

When it comes to relationships, are you usually pretty good at maintaining one, or do things get rocky?

What do you feel guides your decision-making process the most?

If society fell apart on us tomorrow, could you manage to survive in the wild?

Coolest celebrity named after a fox?

What do you like to do most to stay in shape?

We're looking to order some pizza. What would you like on yours?

Generally speaking, do you feel like you have a lot of empathy for the people in the world around you?

Naming a car after an animal is a no-brainer. Which of these is the coolest?

If you had to get up, go out the door and just run — right now — how would that work out for you?

Do you consider yourself an animal person?

Which of these animals would you ride if you had the chance?

The best way to appreciate wildlife is in its natural habitat. Where would you go to experience nature?

Not everyone can handle the "wild" part of wild animals, but farm animals are much easier to deal with. What's your favorite farm animal?

If you didn't have to do anything in a day, what do you think you'd end up doing?

All things being equal, are you a good soul?

If you could choose an exotic animal to be reincarnated as, what would you pick?

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