Which Audrey Hepburn Movie Is the Story of Your Life?

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If your life were an Audrey Hepburn movie, which one would it be? With a lot of class and a little sass, Audrey Hepburn made her silver screen debut in "Roman Holiday" in 1953. The multi-talented daughter of British and Austrian descent spent her later years doing humanitarian work, and she continued sporadically making films until her 1988 cameo in Steven Speilberg’s "Always."

Whether your life mirrors the upscale ambitions found in "Breakfast at Tiffany’s" or the up-and-coming struggle of her character in "My Fair Lady," you are sure to have more than you think in common with one of the characters she so brilliantly played. Would you share the same reputation for adorable quirkiness or for being hardworking as Audrey Hepburn, or would you have a reputation all your own? No matter how you see yourself, we’ll tell you which of her films could be the story of your life!

Let’s take a journey through your personality, the way you react to things, and the things you believe in. When we’ve finished, we’ll give you an accurate analysis of the classic film that could be written about you! Channel your inner Audrey, and take the quiz! You're sure to love your results!

How would you rate your sass level?

Where would you most like to go for vacation?

How would your best friend describe your sense of humor?

What would be your movie set job?

Are you a good dancer?

What quality are you first attracted to in others?

Do you have an accent?

Which Audrey Hepburn film do you like the most?

Are you high-maintenance?

Do you believe in love at first sight?

How many seriously relationships have you had?

Are you more of an introvert or an extrovert?

Would you make a good princess?

Which actress would play your best friend in the movie of your life?

What kind of movies do you like most?

What is your favorite way to keep in shape?

Do you prefer coffee or tea?

What do you like most about Audrey Hepburn?

Which classic actress do you like most?

Which '60s sitcom have you watched most?

How would you describe your most recent ex?

Do you have a complex beauty routine?

Do you have any hidden talents?

What area of your life would you like to improve?

How often do you go see movies at the theater?

Do you have a lot of patience?

What is the best thing you bring to a relationship?

How classy do you think you are?

Do you consider yourself determined?

Which decade do you think produced the best films?

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