Which Auto Manufacturer Would You Have Worked for in the 1950s?

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The '50s were truly the golden age of car manufacturing. The auto industry was an economic powerhouse on the world stage, and Detroit was at the center of this boom time. "The Big Three" of Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler led the way, but there were countless other smaller companies, each vying for a piece of the automotive pie.

Some companies attempted to fill specialized niches in the market, offering bizarre concept cars and unique body designs that they hoped would entice buyers to their brand. Other companies tried to cut costs and produce cars at more affordable prices. However, most of these smaller companies were beginning to merge with each other by the time the '50s arrived. They needed to diversify and expand to have any chance of competing with the big boys.

There was a massive amount of opportunity in the auto industry at this time, and those who were drawn to a career in this field had some definite choices to contemplate. For example, Ford and GM were places where it might take longer to move up the corporate ladder, but you were offered a very stable and reliable income with great benefits from day one. On the other side, getting in at the ground floor of a smaller company could lead to a massive fortune in a short amount of time, or you could find yourself back at square one if the company folded.

Fire up your engine and let's burn some rubber. There's a company with your name all over it at the finish line of this quiz.

Would you rather live in the big city or out in the country?

Are you more drawn to the favorite or the underdog in a competition?

Which type of vehicle would you rather drive?

How willing are you to take risks?

Which city would you rather live in?

What speed do you generally like to move at?

Which automotive career path is most appealing to you?

What part of the day are you at your best?

What kind of music would most likely be coming from the speakers in your car?

Which '50s movie are you most likely to go see at the drive-in?

Which celebrity from the '50s would you most like to have promoting your vehicles?

Which road trip destination sounds most appealing to you?

Which leisure activity is most appealing to you?

How appealing would it be to have your company's stocks as part of your compensation?

Which fad of the '50s is most interesting to you?

Do you play golf?

Which description best matches your fashion sense?

Which '50s TV show is most appealing to you?

Do you tend to follow the trends in society or do you like to go your own way?

Which '50s musical group do you like the most?

What stage of your career are you currently at?

Which factor is most important to you when choosing who to work for?

What meal would you be most likely to order if you were at a '50s diner?

Which '50s high school clique would you best fit into?

Which '50s dance move is most your style?

How clean is your driving record?

Which game from the '50s do you like the most?

Do you smoke?

What is your drink of choice?

Which Detroit sports team do you like the most?

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