Which Biblical Couple Are You and Your Significant Other?

Zoe Samuel

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Forget Carrie and Big, Ana and Christian, or Ross and Rachel. If you want some really solid role models for a good couple - or a bad one - look no further than the Good Book itself!

Do you have integrity?

What first attracted you to them?

What first attracted them to you?

Do you consider yourself a union of equals?

Do people approve of your marriage?

Do you have similar backgrounds?

Did either of you cheat to get into this relationship?

Ever lie to your partner?

Do you respect each other?

Is your love one for the ages?

Do you listen to each other?

Do you ever regret your union?

Are you proud of how you met?

Do you have a shared goal?

Were you each other's first?

Were you mature enough to know what you wanted?

How does your partner feel about your exes?

Do you support each other's endeavors?

Do you want kids?

Do you think other couples should aim to be more like you?

What's the main glue holding this relationship together?

Are you actually happy together?

Is your happiness built on the ruins of someone else's?

Do you manipulate them?

Would they be with you if not for your money?

Did you help them achieve a life goal?

What do they do for a living?

Did either of you come from money?

If you're honest, is this relationship actually super toxic?

If you found out one of you was injured and you could never make love again, how long before you'd split up?

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