Which Biblical Daughter Is Your Daughter Most Like?

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From Eve to Tamar, Delilah to Deborah, and Martha to Mary, the mother of Jesus, the Bible offers us glimpses of a vast variety of women. Some of these women were faithful to God and gave us pictures and stories to shape our lives by. Others may show us what not to do—and what the consequences of folly look like! 

Thinking about what biblical woman your daughter is most like may give you a way to think about what kind of learning experiences she needs to grow in her path. It may give you an indication of what’s ahead for her faith journey. Even the characters in the Bible who seem the least redeemable have hope, and they often, as Jesus instructs, love God the most for having been forgiven the most.

The Bible doesn’t give us two-dimensional characters, whose stories are simple and black and white. All the characters in the Old and New Testaments are fully human, with layers and complexity, faith and doubt—just like your daughter. The stories in the Bible show us women who believed against all the odds, women who laughed at God’s plan—and followed it anyway, women who worked against God’s plans, and women who sat at Jesus’s feet and listened. Based on what your daughter’s habits and personality are like, we’ll predict which of these women she’s most like! Scroll on to find out ... and then share with a friend who has a daughter!

Does your daughter honor her father and mother?

What does she want to be when she grows up?

Which Biblical city is most similar to her room?

Which church activities does she most enjoy?

What is her favorite book of the Bible?

What is her favorite movie based on the Bible?

What does she think about going to church?

What kind of guy is she into?

How many kids does she want?

Which church team would she be on?

What kind of Biblical role would she have?

What Biblical encounter with an animal would she be most likely to have?

Which verse from the psalms describes her faith?

What is her favorite verse?

Which biblical style would she don?

Which Biblical hair style would suit her?

What does prayer look like for your daughter?

If your daughter chose a denomination right now, what would it be?

What central tenet of Christianity is most important to your daughter?

What kind of artwork is your daughter drawn to?

What kind of religious music does she listen to?

What kind of games did she enjoy at church when she was little?

Which religious landmark has your daughter always dreamed of seeing in person?

Which biblical woman does she most admire?

When did she begin believing in God?

How does she interact with her siblings or friends?

How does she relate to Jesus?

What part of religion is most attractive to her?

What is the prayer you pray for her?

What biblical flower is she most like?

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