Which Biblical Mother Are You?

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Some of the most famous mothers in the Bible are in the book of Genesis. Of course, this starts with Eve, the mother of all humanity, who also bears the blame for humankind's fall into sin and expulsion from the Garden of Eden (oops). Soon after, we read about the wives of the patriarchs: Sarah, Rebecca, Leah, and Rachel. Three of the four had difficulty conceiving or difficult pregnancies, but this seems to be a Biblical narrative technique that underscores how precious their children were - Isaac, Jacob and Joseph all became giants in the history of the Jewish people. But don't overlook poor Leah, either! Though she was not the daughter of Laban whom Jacob desired to marry, she did marry him, and bore him six sons, who all became founders of tribes of Israel.

In the New Testament, mothers become much rarer, probably because, in early Christianity, celibacy was valued as the best way to devote one's life to God (though the apostle Paul does say, "It is better to marry than to burn.") However, the gospels give us one truly famous mother. Of course, that's Mary, the mother of Jesus. She figures prominently in the opening chapters of the gospels, and appears again at the end, grieving for her son's death on the cross. The virgin mother is so legendary that in Catholicism she is almost a goddess in her own right.

Don't worry - in this quiz, "Mary" is not a result; we don't expect anyone to live up to her example. Instead, we've chosen some diverse Biblical mothers for you to compare yourself to. Curious? Let's get started now!

What kind of cook are you?

How late do you usually get to sleep?

How much, in your opinion, does your spouse/partner appreciate you?

Do you have close relationships with other female relatives?

What kind of dinner do you most like?

Which kind of flowers do you most like to get on a special occasion?

Which of these is closest to what your kids did for you last Mother's Day?

How many kids do you have, or want?

Do your children fight a lot?

Which of these is closest to the gift your partner got you on last Mother's Day?

How's your relationship with your father?

How do you feel about pets?

How do you get away from it all?

What do friends value most about you?

What would friends call your worst flaw?

Is it ever okay for a parent to have a favorite child?

Which of these comedians do you most enjoy?

What kind of jewelry do you most like?

Which of these alcohol drinks appeals to you most?

How would you rate your looks?

Is/was sibling rivalry a thing in your life?

Which of these would you choose to go on a long walk with?

In your heart of hearts, whom do you think loves you the most?

What kind of home would you most enjoy living in?

How important is your appearance to you?

Where would you like to go on vacation?

How do you feel about lying?

Does your spouse/partner play favorites among the kids?

How do you feel about moving?

Which of these weighs heavily on your conscience?

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