Which Biblical Princess Are You?

Zoe Samuel

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The Bible is noted for its many characters, male and female, who run the gamut of the human experience. There are heroes like Moses, Solomon and, of course, Jesus. There are bad guys like Manasseh and Pharaoh and Haman. The women are no better or worse than the men, with all the same frailties, strengths and individual foibles - rather like in our present day! There are heroic queens like Esther, heroes like Miriam, and prophetesses like Deborah.

There are also a few princesses - not a huge number, but a few. Some of them become queens and others are simply princesses forever. Some of them are good and righteous, while others are evil and sinister. Some of them are evil and determined to lead the people of the Lord astray. Of course, most of them are a mix, with both positive and negative traits. They're facing difficult situations where there isn't always a right answer, and sometimes their example to us is as much about what NOT to do as how to choose the godly option.

Which of these biblical figures are you most like? Are you indulgent and idolatrous like Jezebel, beloved like Maacah, or power-hungry and ambitious like Athaliah? Let's find out!

Do you like the finer things in life?

How do you feel about Baal?

Do you love to travel?

Do you care what the people think of you?

Do you get on with your spouse?

Do you lust for more power?

Are you a good negotiator?

Do you fear coming to a bad end?

Are you a late bloomer?

Do you sort of want to have a bad reputation?

Do you ever think about just... not being a princess?

Have you ever had a good relationship come out of a bad start?

Are you maternal?

Would you ever cheat on your boo?

Would you be born to princess-hood, or marry into it?

What nation would you totally ally with?

Who should Israel or Judah war on?

Do you have a lot of rivals?

Would you ever command an army?

Do you mind not being very well-known?

Do you get on with your extended family?

Do you need a large entourage?

Would you ever be the other woman?

Is being a princess as far as you want to go?

Do you believe in one god or many?

Are you originally from Israel?

Have you had more than one major relationship?

Do you support your husband no matter what?

Do you own your own power?

Do you let people push you around?

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