Which Biblical Queen Are You?

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The Bible is full of fascinating women from all walks of life. Mary Magdalene may not have actually been a prostitute (depending on which historical source you ask), but she certainly wasn't royalty. The Virgin Mary wasn't much more than a peasant. Ruth was literally a peasant, though she later married the wealthy merchant Boaz. Other Biblical women include priestesses and prophetesses, foolish and wise women, and brave and cowardly women.

Some of these Biblical women were surely real historical figures, such as the Queen of Sheba, Queen Esther, and Queens Jezebel of Israel and Athaliah of Judah. They were also queens. Some were born into royalty, while others married in. Each approached her crown in her own way, depending on her relationship with God, her personality, and of course the political situation in her kingdom at the time. 

Esther was a Jewish Queen to a Persian King, who used her wiles to save her people. Athaliah and Jezebel were idolaters who led their people astray. Vashti was the first wife to Esther's husband and refused to play his games even though she knew it would cost her the crown. Meanwhile, the Queen of Sheba met Solomon as an equal and became his friend and lover.

Which of these sounds most like you? Let's find out!

Will you inherit or marry your throne?

How close are you to your family?

Would you always tell the king the truth?

Would you lead the kingdom astray?

How much would you leave the palace?

Would you marry someone from a different faith?

How important is marriage to you?

What sort of landscape do you want to live in?

What do you want your legacy to be?

Would you give it all up over a question of honor?

How do you feel about nepotism?

How important is money in a romantic partner?

Do you like to travel?

Do you want to be part of the day-to-day running of the kingdom?

How do you feel about warring on neighboring kingdoms?

Do you care what the people think of you?

Do you plan to rule for a very long time?

Did your background prepare you for palace life?

Would you host a lot of parties at the palace?

Do you want your own Bible book named for you?

Which Biblical king would you like to hang out with?

Would you be good at palace intrigue?

Do you think Judges were actually kind of better than Kings?

What modern tradition or event do you want to inspire?

Do you see yourself as equal to a king?

Would you be considered a feminist queen?

Would you put a lot of work into strengthing your kingdom?

Would you worry about the economy of your kingdom?

Would you keep a pet in the palace?

To which nation should the Biblical kingdom of Israel be allied?

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