Which Bob’s Burgers GIF Are You?

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Bob, Tina, Louise, Gene and Linda Belcher are hilarious but oddly real and sweet. That's how the show has managed to stand out in the landscape of animated family comedies and why it's still one of the funniest shows on TV. It's well-written and just a lot of fun. It does a crazy good job of mixing that goofiness you expect from shows like "The Simpsons" or "Family Guy" but without feeling like it's too old, too random or too crude. It's like a legit, real-life sitcom only with a lot more exciting cast of characters, way more bunny ears and a heck of a lot more exceptional musical numbers that every other show is definitely missing out on. Everything works in "Bob's Burgers." 

You can feel yourself in the show sometimes, you can relate to the family either as something you have experienced with your own family or something you wish you could experience with your own.  Whatever way you approach it, there's no doubt there's been at least one moment on the show that really seemed to get you. Answer a few questions for us and we'll totally match you with the perfect "Bob's Burgers" gif. Try it and see!

Wagstaff has an impressive staff of teachers. Whose class do you want to be in?

Which of the Belcher family members do you feel like you relate to the most?

Every day, Bob has a new special burger on the board. Which one would you order?

The Belchers have a small extended family. Who's clearly the coolest of them all?

Of all the non-humans on "Bob's Burgers" who's your favorite?

The Belcher kids have a lot of odd friends at school. Would you have hung out with any when you were a kid?

Bob and the family have some serious holiday fun every year. Which holiday-themed shows are best?

Tina has an issue dealing with crushes on boys. How do you handle your crush?

Music is a huge part of "Bob's Burgers." Do you ever sing when you're alone?

So what's the best burger topping anyway?

Who's the most sinister person on all of "Bob's Burgers?"

Bob doesn't always make a burger out of beef. Pick your protein!

Everyone has a favorite member of Boyz 4 Now, right? Who's yours?

We're heading to Wonder Wharf! What do you want to do?

Every Halloween episode of "Bob's Burgers" puts in the maximum effort. What was the best costume?

Bob gets super obsessive over his Thanksgiving turkey. What's your favorite Thanksgiving dish?

What's the best side for a burger?

Louise is known for her bunny ears. What's your hat of choice?

All the Belchers can cut a rug when they want to. How are your dance moves?

Bob and Linda are masters of Easter egg hiding. How are you at finding lost stuff?

Bob has a lot of problems with Hugo the health inspector. Have you ever had food poisoning?

During the opening credits, there's always a different business next to Bob's Burgers. What's the best one?

Tina has a thing for the Equestranauts. Which one is the best one?

In the real world, where are you going for a burger?

Aunt Gayle paints some interesting pictures. Where would you hang one if she gifted you something?

Who's your favorite One-Eyed Snake?

Bob and the Belchers met Archer once. What other show should they cross into?

Is Teddy destined to be alone?

If you had to rely on one Belcher to come through for you in a pinch, who would you trust?

The Belchers were originally going to be cannibals in early drafts of the story. Would you have watched a cartoon about cannibals?

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