Which Branch of the Military Do You Belong In, Based on Your Myers-Briggs Personality?

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The Myers-Briggs personality test is one of the older personality tests out there and is based on Jungian psychology that, outside of the Myers-Briggs test, isn't used very often in psychology these days. Still, the test is widely used to determine likely aptitudes based on personality traits, and there are Fortune 500 companies that use it in the hiring process. So, either it still has merit, or it's just an important factor to reckon with because it can determine your future. Like many other personality tests, it divides people into groups based on the nature of their impulses in different settings. Are you the kind of person who feels the need to be in control, or are you happy to follow? Are you okay with long periods of boredom, or do you need constant stimulation?

While many of the factors expressed in the Myers-Briggs test can be applied to any branch of the military, we have found that our version of the test can be used to determine more specifically in which branch of the US Military one should enlist. The Army, Air Force, Marines and Navy pride themselves on their differences, and we have proven conclusively that those differences are not skin-deep. Take our Myers-Briggs test and we will tell you in which branch of the US Military you should enlist!

How often do you take control of group projects?

How do you navigate a crowded room?

Would you rather stay home and chill out, or go out to see other people at a party?

Do you feel energized by spending time with other people?

Does a walk in the park make you daydream?

Which do you rely on more: your creativity, or your hard-won experience?

How difficult do you find it to introduce yourself to other people?

Do you feel relaxed under pressure?

How much do you procrastinate?

Do you feel planning is an important element of any project?

Do you think of yourself as emotionally stable?

Would you say you are more creative, or more practical?

How easy is it for you to stick to a timetable?

How much planning do you put into your leisure trips?

When faced with a friend in trouble, would you be more likely to offer solutions, or just a shoulder to cry on?

Do you favor your heart or your head when it comes to making major life decisions?

Do you feel the truth is more important than others' feelings?

How often do you experience envy?

Do you think of yourself as a wallflower?

How much of the time do you feel superior to others?

How often do you initiate conversations?

How quickly do try to respond to your e-mails?

How energetic are you?

Which is better: to be loved, or to be feared?

Are you a goal-oriented person?

How clean do you usually keep your workspaces?

How difficult would it be to fire a friend who worked for you, but did a bad job?

How even-keeled is your mood?

What kind of a note-taker are you?

Do you prefer pens or pencils?

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