Quiz: Which cat breed is your spirit animal?
Which cat breed is your spirit animal?
By: Ashley D.
Image: Shutterstock / zossia

About This Quiz

Have you ever been compared to a cat? Have you ever wondered which of these majestic beasts you are most like? Take our quiz and find out which feline purrs within your soul!

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Pick your favorite kind of fish!

4.0 of 25
What genre are you typically in the mood for?

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7.0 of 25
If you could be fluent in one language, which would it be?

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What letter of the alphabet does your first name start with?

14.0 of 25
What fits your physical appearance?

15.0 of 25
Have you ever been accused of being distant, or cold?

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What color eyes do you have?

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You hear footsteps coming closer while in an abandoned house, you...

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What's your favorite social media outlet?

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Do you think you can live without other people?

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