Which Canadian Accent Do You Have?

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Canada is one of the largest countries in the world but for some reason, when outsiders talk about it, they'll mention a single Canadian accent as if everyone spoke the same.  Do Canadians all use words like "eh" and "aboot" in everyday conversation?  Of course not!  It's funny when you think about it considering that a country like the United States is known for such a wide array of accents like Bostonian, Bronx, Valley Girl, Jersey, Louisiana and so many more. Likewise, England has seemingly endless accents from Cockney to Welsh to Geordie and dozens more, all in a country smaller than most Canadian provinces. 

It seems like the problem is that many people just don't know Canada well enough to know the variety of accents. But if you live in Canada, you can definitely pull those accents apart pretty easily. The different regions of Canada have their own distinct dialects, slang, and accents that can indicate to everyone else where you're from, or at least where you've spent some time. So, why not grab yourself a Molson and take a little journey through Canada while we figure out just what kind of accent you have. If we don't get it right by the end, well, we'll be super sorry, eh?

As a kid, did your school ever take you on a trip to the Sugar Bush?

What's on the menu for dinner tonight?

Who would you consider to be the single greatest band in Canadian history?

Is Pepsi a kind of soda or a kind of pop?

If you want a pizza loaded with toppings, what are you going to order?

What is the absolute worst road to drive on over a long weekend?

How do you pronounce "poutine" anyway?

So what do you call that big, plastic-covered piece of furniture that grandma never let you sit on?

You just got a new pair of Nikes. Nice! What's another name for them?

What's the proper way to refer to a knit cap you wear in the winter?

So it's the May long weekend and you're heading away with some friends to party. Where exactly are you going?

If you're just going down the street to buy some gum and all-dressed chips, where are you going?

Remember in grade school when you had to color in that map of Canada? What did you use to do it?

When you're in the drawer looking for a fork and a knife, for what are you searching?

Every month you have to pay your bills, especially if you like electricity. What's that bill called again?

You know that thing that lines your roof and collects all the rain water? What's it called?

Have you ever had a Bismarck?

What do you call a 13 oz. bottle of booze?

What's a common way to refer to a male human?

What's your favorite big city to visit?

What's the greatest sports team in Canadian history?

Who is Canada's greatest actor working today?

What was your favorite Canadian TV show as a kid?

How do you like the weather where you live?

Where in the U.S. do you think you could move to and fit in pretty quickly?

Did grandma ever wear a long robe-like garment around the house after she got out of bed? What was it called?

What's your favorite synonym for underwear?

If your female friend is getting married, what kind of party should we expect before the wedding?

What's your favorite annual celebration around where you live?

What's the best lake to hit up as a vacation spot in all of Canada?

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