Which Career Change Is Right for You?

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These days, most people experience several careers over the course of their lives. Harrison Ford was a carpenter before he was a famous actor, after all, and he's a baby boomer. It is to be expected that in this day and age, you will either be forced to change careers because of industrial or technological developments, or you will simply choose to, possibly in anticipation of your job disappearing.

You might sidestep into another job in the same industry, because of hard-won industrial knowledge. You may prefer to change industries entirely, using the systems and disciplines learned in your profession, applied to another industry. These choices need to be made strategically, not impulsively, in order to make the most of your skills and job history.

So what will it be? Will you swing for the fences and step up to a bigger job with more responsibility? Or sideways into a parallel career? Would you flee as far as possible from your job, engaging in a total life change? What are you even qualified to do? Don't worry. We have you covered.

Take this quiz. We will look through your answers and come up with an exciting career opportunity that suits your skills, desires, and experience. Answer honestly, and we will be honest with you too.

How exciting do you like your job?

How important is your work salary?

How demanding do you like your average day at work to be?

How important is it that your job have a creative component to it?

How much would you like to specialize?

How powerful do you want to be, professionally?

What kind of shape are you in right now?

How ambitious are you?

Who don't you mind objecting to you?

Do you mind being blamed for the world's troubles?

Do you mind if you aren't surrounded by intellectual giants?

What sort of injury wouldn't you mind getting as a result of your work?

Do you mind wearing a uniform?

Do you mind being surrounded by very competitive people you may not like?

How much do you mind people judging you on totally superficial characteristics?

How much do you like to be pedantic?

How would you like to be respected by others?

What sort of lifestyle would you like to live?

What single thing would you like people to remember about you after having met you in a professional setting?

What would you like to spend most of your job doing?

In what industry do you currently work?

How would you describe your current job position?

How long have you been at your current career?

What is the biggest challenge you face in your current job?

What do you think of your current coworkers?

How are you seen in your current workplace?

Which of these is closest to what you wanted to be "when you grew up"?

How happy are you in your current job?

How close have you come to meeting your family's expectations?

How close have you come to meeting your own professional goals?

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