Which Celestial Body Matches Your Personality?

Tasha Moore

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About This Quiz

Here's a personality quiz that's out of this world! Answer a series of fun questions, and we'll do our best to match your personality with a celestial body. Are you a control freak like the Sun? If you feel no shame answering with an affirmative, then you must have a good reason. The Sun is the center of the universe. Do you hold down the fort for your family or community? Or maybe folks flock to you because you tend to deliver the right answers?

On the flip side, you might be more of the free-spirit type. If you are, you're in great company. There are quite a few celestial objects that roam the galaxies freely and untethered to major fluxes. But be careful, those who roam freely may roam forever. Perhaps you're like planet Earth, our sacred planet. Like Earth, do you strive to attain balance no matter what life throws at you? Most of us share a little or more of many celestial traits. Let the stars be your guide and let this test be a reflection of your personality type. Scroll through to see how many traits you share with some amazing heavenly bodies.

Are you a control freak when it comes to managing tasks?

Are you a rigid decision-maker?

Do you crave attention?

Do you possess a mysterious side?

Do you enjoy an active fantasy life?

Are you a compulsive grocery shopper?

When you find yourself in a group, which position do you assume?

Are others attracted to you?

How reliable are you?

Do you have an eye for beauty?

Are you a hard person to read?

How outgoing are you?

Do you often get the urge to sound off at random?

How would you describe your work ethic?

Are you in tune with your inner feelings?

Do you have a powerful presence?

Are you cooperative?

How motivated are you to do anything?

Do you make calculated moves?

Do you get anxious when things don't go as you expect?

How generous are you?

Do you hang with an entourage at night?

Do you uphold high standards?

Are you an attentive individual?

In general, what's your level of curiosity?

Are you an emotional individual?

How receptive are you to strangers?

Are you more of an extrovert or an introvert?

Do you have a habit of giving others help when it's not needed?

What's a bad habit that you have no intention of getting rid of?

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