Which Champions League Football Team Do You Love Best?

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The UEFA Champion's League may not technically be as prestigious as the World Cup, but it is almost universally agreed that it enjoys a higher quality game. This is because World Cup teams are limited to players of a given nationality, raising the odds that a team will field at least one or two players who are not truly world-class. (Hence why the trophy nearly always goes to countries with pervasive footie culture and populations over 50 million.)

The Champions League, however, draws the top few teams from the European leagues. Due to being the oldest in the world and often based in wealthy nations, these teams are the best-funded and most prestigious. Thus, from La Liga in Spain to the Premiership in England to Serie A in Italy, they attract the best players. These players' teams are likely to place, earning entrance to the Champions League. The upshot: The Champions League is the only professional game that is 100 percent wheat, zero chaff.

The international element further elevates the tournament. While style of play varies by team even within a given league, national cultures have an influence that can often be seen in all a league's teams. For example, players in hotter southern European countries tend to hover then break quickly for the goal, while northern teams run more steadily and thus cover more distance. As a result, Champions League games are the ultimate testing ground for contrasting strategies, making outcomes less predictable and analysis more thoughtful.

This means that picking a favorite Champions League team can be entirely obvious if your beloved local team tends to get in, and very difficult if they don't. Let's see which Champions League team you love -- and if you haven't picked one yet, this is a great way to start following the best football game on earth!

In what sort of climate do you think the best football is played?

Which non-European national team do you love most?

Which national league do you think has the highest-quality game?

Do you expect your players to be outspoken on social issues?

What time of day do you like to watch games?

What snack do you eat while you watch?

Was religion a factor in which team you picked?

Do you mind if your team is owned by mysterious foreign entities with incredibly deep pockets?

How do you feel about the other fans of your team?

What non-football/soccer sport is the most manly?

What is the best way to see a match, other than in person?

What cultural factor makes your team great?

What is the best thing to do during halftime?

Who is a player you particularly love?

How important are star players to you?

Do you mind if someone on your team takes a dive?

Do you prefer defensive or aggressive play?

Be honest: What would it take for your team to win?

Do you like to travel to see games in person?

Which team do you hope never gets into the Champions League ever again?

With whom do you like to watch games?

When you see a game in person, what do you wear?

What is the most you would pay to see a game live (in U.S. dollars)?

Which non-alcoholic drink should they serve in the stadium?

When you chant your team chants, which is the best language to use?

If you're sitting through a game, what weather is going to drive you home no matter what you paid for your ticket?

Does your team like to run a lot, or do they tend to be slower and then have bursts of activity?

Which is the most exciting type of goal?

How well do you understand the offside rule?

Which foul do you think is not really a big deal?

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