Which Character From the Bible Are You Most Like?

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About This Quiz

Christians ought to strive to be like Jesus, the perfect example of living, but apparently, God has more nuanced plans in store for his believers. Consider that Jesus made it a point to choose 12 disciples with very distinct personalities to follow him. Toward the end of their relationship with Jesus, while he was on Earth, the disciples retained the essence of their personalities, which enhanced their missionary work. So never discount your attributes that God may choose to use to further his ministry among an assortment of people with various personalities.

Our personality quiz is set to help you nurture the characteristics that made the Bible heavyweights so great. Perhaps you're a rare personification of compassion, just as Jesus was. The prophets and Jesus played for the same "team," but the Old Testament prophets did not sugar-coat truth in the form of parables for easier consumption like Jesus did for the people. Many of the prophets were detested for delivering truth raw and uncensored unto elaborate kingdoms and mighty kings. Our religion personality challenge will help you to determine if you possess that level of focus paired with superhuman courage to face rulers who have the power to do with you as they will. But if you're like the prophets, you'll speak truth to power no matter what.

Give life to this challenge by providing your sincere answers to questions that'll help you filter out your traits once and for all.

Why would someone care to write your life story?

Do you consider anyone as your bestie?

Can you and your sibling get along?

What's your take on Christian leadership?

Is charity something that you value?

Do you assume the servant or master role in relationships?

How strong is your ability to predict future events?

Name the biblical figure that you are most like.

If you were a container, which one would you be?

Describe how you were freed from physical, emotional or financial bondage.

If you wanted to, could you buy property right now?

If you were to author a book, what would it be?

Which news do you prefer to deliver, good news or bad news?

Do authority figures admire you or fear you?

How's married life treating you?

Is it true that people often confide in you?

What type of person is most attractive to you?

Do you help to cultivate God's gifts in others?

Describe how you react when you encounter the word "no."

Does loyalty mean anything to you?

How important is money to you?

Have you ever tried to correct a problem that you created?

Confess how you feel about your parents.

Explain the latest outrageous news that you received.

Were you part of the popular crowd in high school?

Would you win a beauty pageant?

Who is the most photographed person that you know?

Provide two adjectives that best illustrate who you are.

What's your title in the church?

Do you know any celebrities?

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