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Charlie Brown is the main protagonist of one of the longest-running comic strips, The Peanuts. The strip was first seen in daily newspapers in 1950 but was soon featured in papers in over 75 countries all around the world, reaching an estimated 355 million readers. The strip originally ran from 1950 to 2000 and was written and illustrated by cartoonist, Charles M. Schulz. 

The strip is centered around a group of young children, the main character being Charlie Brown. Readers also encounter popular characters like Snoopy (Charlie's pet), Linus, Peppermint, Franklin, Sally and Woodstock. Charlie is also known for being unable to fly a kite, kick a football (probably due to his friend Lucy pulling it away) and win a baseball game. The strip was so successful that it was adapted into a television series as well as different movies. The characters can also be seen in various advertisements, at different themed and amusement parks and books.

How much do you know about Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts family? If you were asked questions about this popular franchise, would you be able to get them all correct? To test your knowledge of all things Peanuts, you should take this quiz!

Which Charlie Brown Halloween special first aired on Oct. 27, 1966?

The special aired in the "My Three Sons" time slot and was sponsored by Coca-Cola.


What was the name of Charlie Brown's dog?

Snoopy was Charlie Brown's dog, a beagle. He was quite independent, going on adventures all on his own.


Which Charlie Brown special saw the group gathering for a feast?

"A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" aired in prime time on November 20, 1973. The special won an Emmy.


Which "Peanuts" character played a toy piano?

Schroeder played catcher on Charlie Brown's baseball team.


Which Charlie Brown production ran Off-Broadway?

This 1967 production starred "M*A*S*H" alum Gary Burghoff as Charlie Brown.


What Charlie Brown creator got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1996?

Charles Schulz's nickname was Sparky. He died in 2000.


Which lunar crew had call signs named after "Peanuts" characters?

The 1968 Apollo 10 crew named the characters as their quasi-mascots.


When is Charlie Brown's birthday?

Charlie Brown celebrates his birthday on October 30th. The year is thought to be 1946.


In the original Charlie Brown comic strip, Charlie lives in an apartment below his ___________.

Early in the life of the strip, Charlie lived in an apartment below his grandmother's apartment. Later he moved to a house.


Which "Peanuts" character operates a psychiatric booth?

Lucy fancies herself quite the self-help guru. Linus is her younger brother.


The final Charlie Brown comic strip was published in what year?

Charlie Brown last appeared in an original comic strip on February 13, 2000. The day before, on February 12, creator Shultz had died.


What sports competition does Charlie Brown never seem to win?

Charlie Brown and Lucy are constantly at odds during their football games.


What sports team does Charlie Brown manage?

Charlie Brown is both the pitcher and manager of a losing baseball team.


Who is Charlie Brown's love interest?

The Little Red-Haired Girl was Charlie Brown's love interest. However, he never had the courage to tell her to her face.


Which "Peanuts" character was convinced that Charlie Brown was in love with her?

Peppermint Patty often referred to Charlie Brown as Chuck. He always seemed confused around her.


Which skill did Charlie Brown often fail at?

Charlie Brown's kite-flying adventures were often stymied by the Kite-Eating Tree.


What costume did Charlie Brown wear every Halloween?

Charlie Brown wore a simple ghost costume. It was just a sheet with two holes for his eyes.


What disappointing treat did Charlie Brown always find in his Halloween bag?

Getting rocks is a bummer. Better luck next year, Charlie Brown.


Who waited in the Pumpkin Patch for the Great Pumpkin?

Linus spent every Halloween in the Pumpkin Patch waiting for the Great Pumpkin to appear.


Which "Peanuts" character was Charlie Brown's best friend?

Linus and Charlie Brown were BFFs. Linus was convinced that the Great Pumpkin wold bring him toys.


Charlie Brown received a pity valentine from which character?

Violet once sent Charlie Brown a valentine because she felt bad for him. However, it was a used valentine.


Which Charlie Brown character was in love with Schroeder?

Do you remember Lucy's full name? It was Lucy van Pelt.


Which television special aired first?

"A Charlie Brown Christmas" first aired on December 9, 1965.


Charlie Brown aged slowly. How old was he in the first comic strips?

Charlie Brown was four in 1950. By 1979, he was eight years old.


What bird was Snoopy's sidekick?

Woodstock and Snoopy are BFFs. Does anyone know what kind of bird Woodstock is?


How many siblings does Snoopy have?

Snoopy has seven brothers and sisters. They were all born at the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm.


Which character has a crush on Charlie Brown?

Shy Marcie has a crush on Charlie Brown. Like Charlie, she's too shy to do anything about it.


What is the name of Charlie Brown's sister?

Sally is Charlie Brown's younger sister. She has blonde hair.


Which Charlie Brown character is always surrounded by a cloud of dust?

Pig-Pen's name is never revealed. He's good at playing the drums.


Charlie Brown didn't originally wear his signature shirt. What was on his famous shirt?

Most of use remember Charlie Brown as wearing a zig-zag shirt.


Which character is famous for pulling the football out from under Charlie Brown's foot?

Lucy bullies Charlie Brown, but the thought is that she really cares for him.


What did Charlie Brown do for the first time on April 25, 1952?

Charlie Brown's battle with the kite began on April 25, 1952.


What was the first full-length Charlie Brown animated theater movie?

"A Boy Named Charlie Brown" opened in theaters on December 4, 1969. It was a huge success, earning six times its budget.


A picture of Charlie Brown wearing what took a ride on the Apollo 10 module?

The drawing of Charlie Brown wearing a space suit now lives at the Kennedy Space Center.


During what television special is Charlie Brown finally able to kick a football?

"It's Magic, Charlie Brown" first aired on April 28, 1981. It was the 21st prime-time "Peanuts" special.


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