Quiz: Which Chemical Reaction Describes Your Current Relationship?
Which Chemical Reaction Describes Your Current Relationship?
By: Ian Fortey
Image: Image taken by Mayte Torres / Moment / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Most of us probably don't think of the chemistry lab as a place where attraction and love are fostered in any meaningful way, but when you think about it, it's almost too perfect. Isn't love a very chemical process? Hormone levels and pheromones and all sorts of different chemical reactions are going on when you meet someone you find attractive, and all of those affect the biological functions that help move this whole love thing along. There's just a lot of science in love and relationships, even when we can't see it.

Maybe we don't want to speak about love in scientific terms because it seems to take the passion out of it and make it sound impersonal. The passion gets washed away when it's all scholarly and dry like that. But maybe we can add some emotion to those dry, scientific terms. So how about you tell us a bit about yourself and your relationship and we'll run that info by the greatest quiz chemists we can find and determine with a stunning degree of scientific accuracy exactly which chemical reaction most perfectly represents the relationship that you're currently in. Do you doubt we can do it? Take the quiz and see!

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Where did you and your partner go on your very first date?

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Sometimes a song is playing at just the right time and becomes something special. Do you and your partner have "a song?"

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Is there a date spot you can keep going back to that's always a good time?

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Would you ever consider going on a double date with another couple?

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What do you consider a terrible place to go on a date?

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What couples sporting activity would you like to do?

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What household activity do the two of you enjoy doing together?

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What movie do you feel really sums up your relationship?

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How well do you get along with your partner's family?

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If you could go on a romantic vacation somewhere, where would you go?

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What's a dish that you and your partner love to cook together?

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If you and your partner were going to get a workout, what would you do?

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Do you have children together?

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Do you feel like you and your partner have well-established boundaries?

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Are the two of you into public displays of affection?

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Do you think one partner in a relationship should be the head of the house?

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Do you share items with your partner like toothbrushes and deodorant?

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Have you and your partner made any really big purchases together?

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Would you ever consider bringing a third person into the bedroom?

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What do you like to do together to celebrate an anniversary?

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