Which Christian Worship Song Describes Your Life?

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Just as there are many types of worship songs, there are many personalities that make up a church congregation. Which one are you, the faith-confident type or a supreme doubter? Are you more likely to ask for help from others, or are you more likely to help others? Which worship song best suits your faith personality? This personality quiz will help you to answer these questions and more.

To narrow down your unique personality traits, this test poses various church scenarios and asks what you would do in these settings. What better place to observe human behavior than in a church, right? You can find all kinds of personality types there under one high holy roof. This quiz covers Holy Communion practices, feet-washing tendencies, and other Jesus rituals. The question "What would Jesus do" has never been more appropriate than in a spiritual test such as this. 

This quiz is as accurate as you are forthcoming with answers. So be as frank as possible and have fun reflecting on all those awkward, tense and joyous moments you've experienced during church time. At the end of it all, you'll see which worship song best describes you. Scroll on to determine your personal faith song!

When you receive the blessings you asked for, which statement best describes your feelings?

In times of adversity, what do you encourage others to do?

What kind of thoughts does a brimstone and fire sermon inspire in you?

If a friend asks you, in confidence, to pray for their sick mother, what do you do?

What do you think about when you see someone in need asking for spare change?

In the middle of a Sunday service, the pastor asks you to say a few words of encouragement. What is your first reaction?

During church service, how do you use your mobile phone?

You notice that a fellow church member has dropped an expensive silk scarf, how do you react?

A church service is running 30 minutes late. What goes through your mind?

Someone has started a nasty rumor about you in church, what do you do?

A nervous ten year old from Sunday school is reciting a Bible verse in front of the church for the first time but is stumbling over words. What do you think about the ordeal?

During a sermon, your pastor teaches the congregation that Moses killed the Philistine Goliath. What's your reaction?

You finally make it to church on Sunday only to find a visitor sitting in your usual spot in the pew. What do you do?

The praise and worship dance team is making a presentation during Easter service in front of distinguished guests, and they keep messing up their routine. What is your reaction?

At the post-service brunch, you grab a plate and join the line to receive food, but an usher asks that you wait for the guests to eat first. How do you react?

The night before church service, you receive a voicemail from a deaconess to asking that you wear all white clothing to church. What do you do?

What do you do if immediately before service the pastor's wife greets everyone in the pew but you?

A young mother sitting behind you is having a difficult time with her screaming toddler during service. What is your reaction?

Which is a good reason to miss church service?

You ate a full plate of the church's free Sunday dinner and want more, but there are still people who haven't eaten yet. What is your first reaction.

At the end of service, it begins to rain outside and you are one of several people who have an umbrella. Do you help escort other church members to their cars in the parking lot?

During the offering, you notice a teenager stealing a dollar from the collection plate. What do you do?

A fellow member that often snubs you returns to service from the restroom with their suit jacket turned up in the rear. Do you inform this person?

The pastor informs the church that someone stole money from the building fund. What is your first question to the pastor?

A member of the church choir is singing a solo off key. What do you do?

During Sunday service, you notice a church member in front of you sleeping with their mouth wide open and their head cocked back. Do you wake them up?

A needy person comes into the church during service and asks random church members for money. What is your response?

What sermon theme inspires you the most?

It's time to wash one another's feet to exercise humility in the church. The ritual is not required, so do you volunteer to wash a fellow member's feet?

During Holy Communion, do you drink from the same wine chalice as the other church members?

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