Which Classic Arcade Game Character Are You?

Steven Miller

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About This Quiz

Grab a stack of quarters and let's head down to the arcade for some fun. Take this quiz to find out which of the classic arcade game characters best fits your personality.

Are you the hero or the villain?

Which phrase best describes how you move through the world?

Are you more masculine or feminine?

How strong are you physically?

How smart are you?

How fast are you?

Which word best describes your body type?

How big of an appetite do you have?

How athletic are you?

How appealing is saving the princess to you?

How high can you jump?

How adventurous are you?

How willing to take risks are you?

How quick are your reaction times?

How good is your hand-eye coordination?

With a little bit of a boost, how unstoppable of a force are you?

How weird would you say you are?

Do you ever feel like you're from another planet?

How much are you drawn to beautiful people?

What's your main motivator?

Do you believe in ghosts?

Do you consider yourself an underdog or a favorite?

In battle, are you more of a David or Goliath?

Which would be your most appropriate adversary?

Do you prefer a physical or mental challenge?

How famous would you like to be?

Would you rather sit down or stand up to play an arcade game?

How much do you like surprises?

How strong are your planning skills?

How addictive of a personality do you have?

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