Which Classic Car Should You Rebuild?

By: Mark Lichtenstein
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

There's nothing a gearhead likes more than rebuilding a classic car. It's about the pride of the craftsmanship you have and taking part in the life of a car that started its life in a legendary workshop. The question is what car should you take on?

Are you a good driver?

Has technology improved how cars work?

Do you plan on daily driving your classic?

How much time do you really want to spend under your car?

How good are you with fixing wiring?

Could you fix a car's computer?

How are you with mending an engine?

Are you any good at taking care of original parts?

How good are you at sourcing original parts?

Do you care if your ride is all original?

Would you be willing to replace the engine of your classic with one from a John Deere if it would improve performance?

Do you know what opposite lock is?

How important to you is off-road capability?

What sort of "see and be seen" event would you show up to in your classic car?

How old are you?

Are you having a midlife crisis?

Do you plan to only drive the car to and from car shows?

Do you ever plan on taking your car to a track?

What is your preferred racing category?

Which of these brands makes your heart race?

What color would you want your classic to be painted?

Is it okay to swap a classic's perfectly working parts for aftermarket parts?

Do you like a lot of tech in your face when you're driving your classic?

Do you want something that makes you look cool to drive?

Do you want something that makes you look cool to be working on?

Do you want something that you can drive in the rain?

Do you want something that will probably be worth more than your house?

Is rarity important to you?

Do you plan on going on a road trip when the car is running?

Do you ever plan on going to a concours d'elegance?

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