Which Classic TV Show Should You Star In?

Zoe Samuel

Image: Collage; Monty Python's Flying Circus, Baywatch, Frasier

About This Quiz

We all have our favorite classic TV shows, from sitcoms to detective shows to sketch shows to drama. On which such beloved show would you have felt most at home?

What do you think of snobbery?

Are you good at discerning the truth?

What happens when you run?

How educated an audience suits you?

How absurd do you like to get?

What sort of comedy is your jam?

What costume do you prefer?

Do you like memorizing a lot of lines?

Do you need an actual plot?

Do you want to be around pretty people?

How cynical are you?

Do you love a mystery?

Do you enjoy satire?

What's your preferred style of show?

How film noir do you like to get?

Do you like sequels?

How British are you?

Do you mind smoking?

Do you want to film outside?

Are you really just in this for the royalties?

Can you carry off pleated pants?

Do you love dogs?

Are you just fundamentally ridiculous?

Are three cameras better than one?

What sort of budget suits you?

Who's your audience?

What do you like best in a co-star?

Do you mind being around all dudes?

How random do you like things to feel?

Are you secretly in this to boost your Broadway career?

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