Which Classic Western Should You Star In?

By: Zoe Samuel
Image: TMDB

About This Quiz

The Western genre includes movies set in the Old West, and usually features themes such as the conquest of nature, the threat of the wild, and the pull between civilization and total freedom. Great Westerns explore these in their own ways, and you may have a favorite one depending on your personality. Take this quiz to find out which Western you should be in!

Do you ever wish the Old West had never been conquered?

Would you ever cross a moral line to reach your goal?

What do you fear most?

Who can you count on?

How do you feel about women?

What's a good way to get around?

Is civilization a good thing?

Do you do your own stunts?

Do you like a fair fight?

Which famous horse would you pick?

Are you packing?

What would be your ideal retirement?

Do you play well with others?

How do you feel about family?

Is money important to you?

Have you ever been in a fight?

Do you like to explore new places?

Are you good in a crisis?

Do you use flattery to get ahead?

How do you feel about the railway?

Is marriage for chumps or champs?

Picture your ideal home. What do you see?

How's your relationship with Native Americans?

Do you like babies?

Choose a landscape.

Who would you choose as a leading man?

Who would you choose as a leading lady?

Who would you choose as a director?

Which decade is your favorite?

What budget would you choose for production?

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