Which Coding Language Should You Learn?

By: Artimis Charvet
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Depending on what it is you want to make or do, your choice might already be made up for you. Take our quiz and find out which coding language you should learn on your way to being a programming master!

Do you already know a programming language?

Why do you want to learn programming?

Which platform or field would you like to work in?

What kind of company would you rather work for?

Are you a people person?

How many real world languages do you speak?

How many computer languages do you speak?

How are you with numbers?

Do you mind long hours?

Do you believe in jobs for life?

Do you like to learn new things?

Which would you rather make?

Do you like to work with Databases?

How do you feel about JavaScript?

Describe your work environment:

Work hard or play hard?

How important is money in a job?

How do you plan to retire?

When you have a project due the next day, what will you do?

At what age did you know your true calling?

Are you brave?

How do you define success?

What annoys you most?

Do you trust your heart or head?

Who are you?

What would be your budget when buying a computer?

Do you play video games?

Do you understand binary?

Do you love systems?

Do you fear that you will one day be put out of work by artificial intelligence?

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