Quiz: Which Continent Are These Wild Animals From?
Which Continent Are These Wild Animals From?
By: J.P. Naomi
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

It's going to take a real love of both wildlife AND geography to ace this quiz! Are you up for the challenge? We're about to show you all types of animals that roam this amazing planet. All you have to do is tell us which continent they come from! Are you ready? It's time to camel up and see how well you do!

Now first, let's review the continents, shall we? There's North America, South America and Africa. There's Europe, Asia and Australia. One more, right? Who could forget Antarctica! While many of us wonder how anyone could survive in those frigid temperatures, some wild animals actually need them! Penguins, anyone!? And how about the moose that live in North America? They're not exactly in Florida ... they head far north into Canada to stay nice and cool.

While many animals thrive in cold, we'd be remiss not to mention the ones that need warm or even hot weather! Parrots and kangaroos and llamas, oh my! These beautiful creatures represent more of the southern hemisphere - places like South America, Africa and Australia. Well, no matter the weather, one thing is for sure ... this quiz is about to get goin'! So who's ready to travel around the globe? 

It's time to see if you have what it takes to match the animal to the continent! Good luck!

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On which continent would find this adorable kangaroo?
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Surely you know where pandas come from, right?
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Who doesn't love a penguin! Now where can you find them?
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Polly wants a cracker on this continent ...
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Bears live all around the world, but black bears are found on this continent...
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Giraffes aren't just on the Discovery Channel, they are actually found on this continent...
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Where do pigeons have their ancestry?
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Koalas are native to _________!
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You'll hear this lion's roar if you visit this continent...
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Though elephants are found in Asia, which of these continents are they actually native to?
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Are you smart enough to know where moose are from?
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On which continent can you find Cetacea?
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Where does this wolf come from?
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Bonus points if you know where horses have their ancestry!
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Head to _____ if you want to see this platypus, mate!
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Sheep may even outnumber people on this continent! (figuratively speaking...)
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Leopards and their prints originated on which continent?
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ROAR! On which continent do tigers exist?
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You must know where koi fish are located, right?
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Yes, reindeer do exist ... on this continent!
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Where can you find a dingo?
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If you're familiar with raccoon dogs, you know they come from...
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Want to see some wild boar? Head to ________!
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If you live in ________, you're no stranger to beavers!
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This ostrich comes from ________.
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On which continent can you find storks?
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This mandarin duck is a native of ________.
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Want to see a real live armadillo? Be sure to visit this continent...
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Where should you go to find a native water buffalo?
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________ is the place to be to see a musk ox!
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Shoebills can be found on this continent ...
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See this llama? It is indigenous to ___________!
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Where can you find a native black swan?
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Ca-cawwww!! Where do bald eagles come from?
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Want to see more greater kudus? Head to ______!
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Where on earth can you find an earless seal?
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If you want to find a lyrebird, it's time to go to _______.
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The albatross is native to this continent ...
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Wildebeests are found in The Lion King as well as on this continent...
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