Which Crossover Should You Buy for Your Next Road Trip?

Mark Lichtenstein

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Crossovers are comfortable, practical, spacious, and let's face it, necessary if you have a family these days. If you're planning a road trip, you'll probably need one. The question is, which one?

How important is tech to you?

How important is styling to you?

How important is value to you?

How important is comfort to you?

How much of a brand loyalist are you?

What should a brand represent?

Where do the best cars come from?

How much do you have to spend?

How important is fuel economy to you?

How important is range to you?

How important is torque to you?

How important is horsepower to you?

How important is a warranty to you?

What other product should a car company have a history in?

How often do you mind stopping to fuel up?

Do you plan on doing any pleasure driving on this road trip?

How much of a masochist are you?

How sadistic are you?

Do you take pride in being cheap?

Do you like to show off how wealthy you are?

Will you pay more money just for a badge?

How important is visibility to you?

How important is build quality to you?

How inconvenient do you like your crossover?

How comfortable must passengers six and seven be?

How much off road capability do you insist on?

What do you consider off road?

What is the most important type of "Gs"?

Who will be traveling with you?

Who do you wish was traveling with you?

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