Which Cruise Destination Is Right for You?

Khadija Leon

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About This Quiz

Going on a cruise is on everybody's bucket list, but the hardest part is figuring out where to visit. Luckily this quiz was made to help you find out. Take it to see where you should be going to next!

Which of these places have you never been to?

How long is the ideal cruise?

What time of year do you like to travel?

The best thing about being on a cruise is…

Who will be accompanying you on the cruise?

You would prefer if the ship had…

Which of these ships would you like the cruise to be on?

What type of room would you like to stay in?

What price range would you like to stay in?

What size would you like the ship to be?

What type of music would you like to hear at the sail away party?

Which of these activities is most appealing to you?

What type of clothes would you like to pack?

The one thing that has to be in your suitcase is…

Which of these drinks would you be sipping near the main pool?

Which of these night shows sounds the most interesting?

Morning breakfast should include…

Where will you be headed for lunch…

How will you be dressing for dinner?

Which of these activities are you most looking forward to?

How would you describe yourself?

What is your idea of fun?

What do you do on Friday nights?

If you had to take your family to a theme park, which would it be?

Have you ever been on a cruise before?

Which of these types of social media will you be sharing the details of the cruise?

What are you planning to bring back for your friends?

Which cruise ship movie is your all-time favorite?

What is your favorite holiday?

When traveling on a plane, which of these seats would you pick?

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