Quiz: Which Cruise Line Best Fits Your Personality?
Which Cruise Line Best Fits Your Personality?
By: Khadija Leon
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About This Quiz

You've got... ONE TICKET TO PARADISE! Or maybe you have a few! When it comes to vacationing, millions of people are ditching planes and hotel fare and choosing to go on a cruise. From some of the most popular cruise lines around the world, which one best suits your personality?

While many people still choose to fly to a location and take up board in a hotel, millions of people are choosing to take a cruise each year. With an all-inclusive feel, not only does the ship take you around from destination to destination, but also provides you with tons of meal options included in your price. Although tons of people enjoy the food on these cruise lines, many go for the experience. While they might be seeking a relaxing atmosphere, does that come with a bit of adventure or maybe socializing?

Each cruise line has its own personality. For the adventurous of the bunch, Royal Caribbean has indoor skydiving, surf simulators, and rock-climbing walls. If you like to socialize, Carnival comes equipped for travelers like you! With tons of activities and events happening at night, it's ideal for the guests who want to party into the early morning. 

While Royal Caribbean and Carnival are fun cruise lines, they might not suit your personality! You might be more family-oriented or looking for a cruise with a more mature feel. If that is the case, there are cruises that would work well for you for you, but which one is it? Take this quiz, and we'll tell you which cruise line you should be sailing away on! 

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Who are you going on the cruise with?

2.0 of 30
Why are you going on this cruise?

4.0 of 30
What’s the one thing you’re definitely bringing with you?

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What kind of passengers are you hoping will be joining you?

6.0 of 30
What kind of cabin did you take?

7.0 of 30
How are you getting to the port where the ship is docked?

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How big is your boat?

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Which of these shoes is definitely coming with you on the cruise?

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There are many restaurants on the ship. Which menu item would convince you to visit that particular restaurant?

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How are you planning on dressing for most of the cruise?

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You go to the ship’s bar, what do you order to drink?

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And for breakfast in the morning, how would you ask the crew to make your coffee?

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What’s your idea of a fun afternoon on the ship?

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Which word describes the experience you want to have on the cruise?

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If you had to bunk off the boat for one night, where would you want to sleep?

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Which kind of show would you be most excited to see?

19.0 of 30
Which of these on-board activities would you sign up for - no hesitation?

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And what is the first thing you’re going to do when you get to your first destination?

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Which ship has the best reputation, in your opinion?

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What’s the most important thing about your experience on the ship?

24.0 of 30
What are you most worried about when beginning to plan a trip?

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If you had to work on a ship, which job would you want?

26.0 of 30
Which city matches your lifestyle?

27.0 of 30
Which of these have you not done lately?

28.0 of 30
Which climate is the best for traveling?

29.0 of 30
Which word best describes you?

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