Which Diabetic Sweet Should You Try?

Mark Lichtenstein

About This Quiz

Of all areas of human progress, perhaps no field has seen so much variety and quantity of progress as with candies. There are myriad candies for every kind of sweet tooth, even if you have diabetes. Which one should you try?

How old are you?

Do you feel nostalgia for the food of your childhood?

Do you like chocolate?

Do you mind if a food doesn't look like its ingredients anymore?

Do you like uncontroversial sweets?

Should a sweet try to be another food?

Do you mind if others ask you for a taste?

Should a sweet be a combination of flavors?

What should a sweet's dominant flavor be?

Do you like savory?

Do you want a single serving sweet?

Do you want maximum calories?

How firm do you like your sweeties?

Do you want something that will leave you satisfied with only a little bit?

How old fashioned do you like your sweets?

Do you like a balanced flavor?

Do you like a sharp flavor?

Do you like your sweets to be portable?

Must you be able to eat your sweets without crockery?

Do you mind if the smell of your sweets makes others sick?

Must your sweet be pretty?

What unpleasant sweet do you find bearable?

Must your sweet be easy to share?

Do you want something you can tell yourself is really heath food?

Are you having this as a dessert or as a snack?

How well under control would you say your diabetes is?

Do you mind eating something that's considered by others to be rabbit food?

How crunchy do you like your sweets?

Who are you sharing your snack with?

Are you a hipster?

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