Which "Die Hard" Character Are You?

Steven Miller

Image: 20th Century Fox, Gordon Company, Silver Pictures

About This Quiz

There are 12 terrorists holding hostages in a skyscraper and only you can save the day. How you handle a crisis will tell us a lot about which character you are in "Die Hard".

How would you describe your family situation?

How appealing is it for you to be a hero?

Would you consider yourself to be broken is some way?

What are your thoughts on John Wayne?

How good are you at improvising on the run?

Do you prefer the East Coast or the West Coast of America?

How comfortable are you with shooting a gun?

How do you feel about Christmas?

How would you describe your love life?

How would you most likely respond to a hostage situation?

How often do members of the opposite sex flirt with you?

How regularly do you use profanity?

How rebellious are you?

How big are your ambitions?

Have you ever experienced serious mental trauma that you're working through?

Which description best describes your body type?

If you were a police officer, would you prefer desk work or to be out in the field?

How good of a verbal communicator are you?

How regularly do you lie?

How strong of a negotiator are you?

Would you describe your personality as warm or cold?

How afraid of heights are you?

How much would you say you enjoy watching things blow up?

Which phrase best describes how you deal with a crisis?

How good of a driver are you?

How would you describe your usual attire?

How many languages do you speak?

How much international travel have you done?

Are you more likely to be cast as a good guy or a bad guy?

How likely are you to use a catch phrase at a dramatic moment?

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