Which Disney Couple Are You and the Love of Your Life?

Khadija Leon

Image: Walt Disney Studios

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There are couples out there, both fictional and real-life, that are #relationshipgoals. They not only show us how great being in a relationship can be, but they are also a source of inspiration for many people. They fight for each other when they need to, they forgive one another when they make mistakes, they risk their lives for one another and most importantly, they love each other unconditionally.

Among those fictional couples, many of them come from the Disney universe. Some of the most popular couples include Aladdin and Jasmine from the movie, "Aladdin," Belle and Prince Adam from "Beauty and the Beast," Prince Naveen and Tianna from "The Princess and the Frog," Rapunzel and Flynn Rider from "Tangled," Carl and Ellie from the movie, "Up," and Ariel and Eric from "The Little Mermaid." These are just some of the couples who first come to mind when you think about relationships. 

More than half of the Disney movies ever created have couples, so there are many possibilities of who you and your significant other could be. The question now is, which pair best represents the two of you? Take this quiz if you would like to find out who it is!

How would you describe your relationship?

How long have you been in the relationship?

How did you guys meet?

How long did you know each other before dating?

Did you fall in love quickly?

When you see your significant other, you feel…

Were you immediately attracted when you met your significant other?

Which of these goals do you want to share?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you love this person?

You want a relationship like…

What is your love language?

Which of these qualities do you want your prince/princess to have?

What is your significant other’s zodiac sign?

Which of these things can they improve upon?

Which of these gross things are you OK with them doing around you?

When they have upset you, you…

How do you guys settle arguments?

If you heard rumors about your baby stepping out on you, what would you do?

Where would you two get an apartment?

The most important thing in any relationship is…

Do you want to get married?

Which of these pet names would you call them?

How would you describe your first kiss?

Which of these day-time dates sounds good?

Which of these Disney movies are you likely to watch on movie night?

For your first anniversary, which of these 7 wonders would you like to visit?

Which of these foods do you enjoy sharing?

Which Disney song would you sing to them?

Are you willing to fight for your significant other?

If you were to break up, which of these villains would you turn into?

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