Quiz: Which Disney Princess and Disney Sidekick Are You a Combo Of?
Which Disney Princess and Disney Sidekick Are You a Combo Of?
By: Khadija Leon
Image: Walt Disney Animation Studios

About This Quiz

If we know one thing, it's that everyone, at one point in their life, has dreamed of being a Disney character. Usually it's the princesses who we pretend to be, but sometimes, if the movies are awesome enough, we wish to be the princes, the family members, and, of course, the sidekicks. Now it's easy to be just one person - take for instance if you were Belle, it would mean that you are loyal and extremely intelligent, and you don't judge others based on the way they look. But if we were to also say that you are like, let's say, Lumiere, it would mean that you are a romantic at heart and you would do just about anything to make your loved ones happy. 

So while this combination of princess and sidekick qualities does complicate things, it also gives you depth. And because we know you are a complicated person and that you are very deep, we want to find out which Disney princess and Disney sidekick combination you are. 

So, answer our questions and allow us to get to know you. When we're done, we'll tell you which lovable duo you represent. Do you have any predictions in advance?

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