Which Dog Breed Is Your Heart Guardian?

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

We know you've heard of guardian angels and spirit animals, but do you know anything about your heart's canine guardian? Whether you realize it or not, you have an inner dog breed looking out for your well being. After you tell us how your heart works, we'll let you know which one it is!

Depending on the way you live your life, you might need a big dog, or you might need a small dog to do the job of guarding your heart. The way you live and the way you love are central to your being, and your heart's pooch is always there to scare away potential predators and to take you by the leash and lead you away from any harm. The answers you give us to your questions about your relationship dogs will tell the tale of the one that keeps you safe.

As you scroll through the questions, try to answer as instinctively as a puppy knowing how to find its food bowl. Every answer you give us will help us figure out the traits of the dog doing your real heart's work. Which dog looks out for you? You'll have to fetch the answers to find out!

How well would you do in obedience school?

What do you have in common with a pug?

Do you currently have a dog?

What do dogs dream about most often?

How would you deal with an aggressive dog?

If you were a wolf, what place in the pack would you have?

How do you react when someone knocks on your door?

Which trick does a new dog need to learn first?

Out of these breeds, which is the cutest?

Which human food would you share with your dog?

What gift would you take to a dog's birthday party?

Do you think cat or dogs are smarter?

Why are dogs so great to have around?

Which name would you choose for a new dog?

What is a dog thinking about when it has the zoomies?

If you were a dog, what would you find most irritating?

What's the hardest thing about having a puppy?

How do you feel when you see those sad animal commercials?

Which of the wild dogs would you prefer to pet?

Would you rather adopt a male dog or a female dog?

Which of these cartoon dogs is funniest?

If you had to try a dog food flavor, which one would it be?

Where do you think a dog should sleep?

Which small dog breed is most ferocious?

Did you have a dog when you were growing up?

How many dogs is too many dogs?

Would you rather work with dogs or with children?

Which of your senses is as strong as a dog's?

Do you prefer little dogs or big dogs?

Which animal related job would you try?

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