Which Dog Breed Is Your Soul Guardian?

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

Dogs might be our best friends, but they also have an important role in guarding our souls. You might not think that there's a dog breed looking out for you, but nothing could make more sense. Our canine friends play such an essential part in our lives that it's perfectly logical to have them guarding our very hearts.

Before we can figure out which pooch is helping to guide your life with its protection, we are going to have to get to know all about you. As we sniff around the makeup of your soul, we think you'll drop enough bones to lead us to the dog breed sitting at the helm of your being. You might consider yourself something large and in charge like a St. Bernard, but you might owe your demeanor to your inner Chinese crested dog guardian. 

Don't be afraid to bark at the moon, and to give us the answers you hear your soul's guarding yapping in your ear. After we've summed up your soul, we'll match you with the breed we think keeps you out of harm's way. Will it be the dog breed you imagine, or will you need to head back to obedience school? 

Which dog breed do you think is cutest?

Do you get excited when you hear your family coming home?

Why do dogs make such great pets?

How do you feel about house cats?

If you had to taste it, which kind of dog food would you choose?

Which trick would you first try to teach a new puppy?

What name would you choose for a new dog?

If you found a stray puppy, what would you do?

Which animal would you choose to guard your money?

Could you work as a dog walker?

Do you prefer short-haired dogs or long-haired dogs more?

Do you know how to trim a dog's nails?

What sort of soul do you think you have?

Would you let your dog sleep with you?

Which human treat would you share with your dog?

What big dog breed do you know most about?

Which cartoon dog is the funniest?

Do you have a favorite dog movie?

Would you rather work with dogs or work with children?

Which of these toy dog breeds would you like to carry around in your bag?

What do you think dogs dream about?

Have you ever attended a dog's birthday party?

Do you wear your heart on your sleeve?

If you could be a dog for a day, what would most enjoy doing?

Which of the wild dogs is scariest?

Do you watch a lot of videos with dogs in them?

When you walk a pooch, do you prefer using a collar or a harness?

Which of a dog's physical features are the cutest?

Do you ever take your dog to work?

Have you ever attended a dog show?

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