Which Dukes of Hazzard Character Are You?

Brian Whitney

Image: CBS

About This Quiz

The Dukes of Hazard was one of the most memorable shows ever. If you were on the show, would you be driving the General Lee, riding shotgun, or chasing it?

How impulsive are you?

How much of a flirt are you?

What kind of weapon might you use in a fight?

What might you drive?

How wealthy are you?

Do you wear the color yellow a lot?

Are you thought of as being level headed?

Do you wear a lot of revealing clothes?

Have you been in the military?

Are you into coffee?

Would you make a good waiter or waitress?

How often would you yell "Yee Hah!"?

Looks like the bridge is out, how are you going to get across the stream?

Are you good at sliding over the hoods of cars?

What circuit would you drive in?

How fun is it to climb through car windows?

What do you think of Roscoe?

How often was Uncle Jessie right?

How good do you look in a cowboy hat?

Are you a good singer?

How would your friends describe you?

Do you get a lot of speeding tickets?

What do you think of Waylon Jennings?

If you found $100 dollars, what would do with it?

Do you ever skip out of work early?

Have you ever thought of being a journalist?

Do you like riding shotgun?

Do people ever call you naive?

Are you into short shorts?

Would you make a good boxer?

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