Which Electric-Type Pokémon Are You?

Kennita Leon

Image: The Pokemon Company

About This Quiz

As you may already know, electric-type Pokemon are one of the eighteen types of Pokemon that exist. They are one of two types that have the fewest weaknesses in all the Pokemon types, so it's easy to see why they are so sought after -- some, like Eelektross have no weaknesses at all (because it has the ability to levitate and is thus not susceptible to ground attacks). 

Trainers who have chosen to specialize in this type include Wattson from Mauville City, Clemont from Lumiose City and of course, Lt. Surge from Vermillion City. Even Ash, one of the most popular characters, had his lovable Pikachu with him on most of his adventures. So we want to know: if you were one of the many electric-type Pokemon, just which one would you be?

Would you be as friendly as Pikachu, or more guarded like an Electabuzz? Would you be sweet like an Ampahros, or would you be like cool, calm and collected Raikou? The only way to find out which shocker of a Pokemon you would be is to take this quiz, so let's get started!

Which gym badge would mean the most to you?

How long have you been a Pokemon fan?

Do you own any Pokemon memorobilia?

Did you like Ash Ketchum?

Which season of the show is your favorite?

If you became a Pokemon trainer, where would you start your journey?

Which electric-type trainer would be your ally?

Which electric Pokemon are you the biggest fan of?

What other type of Pokemon would you mixed with your electric type?

Which ability would be your go-to?

Which defensive move would you be a pro at using?

Which evolutionary stone would you want?

Which legendary/mythical electric-type would you go to for advice?

If you had to dress up as one evil duo for Halloween, who would it be?

Who's your all-time favorite Pokemon?

Are you a loyal friend?

How many friends do you have?

How often do you go out with your friends?

What do you do with your crew?

Which time period would you have wanted to live during?

Which U.S. city do you want to visit?

Are you adventurous when it comes to food?

Which of these desserts do you always go for?

How good a cook are you?

Could you be a superhero?

Which of these powers would you have?

Is there love in your life at the moment?

Why are you such a great catch?

Which element are you most drawn to?

What's your favorite season?

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