Which Element Are you?

Mark Lichtenstein

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About This Quiz

Everything you see, hear, touch, or taste is affected, in some way, by the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water! Your behavior, your personality, and your likes and dislikes can help determine which of the elements you are at heart. By sharing your thoughts and the way you live your life with us, we'll make sure that you know which one you exhibit the most. 

Perhaps, you've always been a little firebug. Or maybe you have always felt like you belong living a life on the high seas. No matter how you see yourself, we're sure that there's one element with more pull over your behavior than all the others. 

As you answer the questions in this element quiz, try to choose the response you find most real to you and your inner thoughts. Once we get to know you and the way you react to certain situations, we'll be able to make your element known. Whether you feel as light air or as humble as the earth, you'll understand why once you finish. 

Make yourself comfortable, and tell us all about your life! Your unique personality will point us in the right direction. You'll no longer blow around in the wind wondering which element you are! 

How kind are you?

What are you really good at?

Is career very important to you?

Are you close with your family?

Are you in touch with nature?

Are you resilient - that is, do you bounce back?

Do you know how to enforce boundaries?

How often do you bail on your friends?

Do you ever accidentally make someone feel unheard?

Are you an innovative thinker?

What is your style of dress?

How practical a person are you?

Do you love animals?

Are you a strong personality in any room you’re in?

Do people take you seriously?

Do you ever lose your temper and then regret it?

Are you monogamous?

Do you sometimes get lost in your daydreams?

How important is money do you?

Can you adapt to changing circumstances?

Are you the life and soul of the party?

What’s your idea of a good time?

What sort of home do you like to live in?

What pet would you have?

Have you ever successfully kept a plant alive?

Are you stylish?

Do you fear change?

Who do you like to have fun with?

Who do you like to be around when you’re sad, if anyone?

Do you get on with kids?

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