Which Famous Boxer Are You?

Mark Lichtenstein

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The sport of boxing has been around since the days of Alexander. It is a sport where people who really quite like each other can beat each other bloody, and where long running feuds between hated rivals can end in a violent confrontation. Boxing has produced some fascinating figures, but which one are you?

Where are you from?

What's your fighting style?

Are you friendly?

Do you feel like an outsider?

Are you hated for reasons beyond your control?

Are you groundbreaking?

Are you a good role model?

Are you inspiring?

Have you had to overcome any major injuries?

When confronted with a problem you can't fix, can you mount a comeback?

When do you go for the knockout?

TKO or knockout?

How's your jab?

What would be a good nickname?

Which era was the best for boxing?

Would your success in the ring spark a riot?

Have you ever done anything embarrassing outside of the ring?

What form would your retirement likely take?

How important are you to history?

Are you all brawn?

If not boxing, what sport would you play?

If not sports, what profession would you pursue?

How likely are you to accrue titles outside of boxing?

Will your image become iconic?

Do people make jokes about you?

When you were in your prime, would you be able to take on today's boxing fare?

Are you a champion of the underclass?

Are you overrated?

Has anyone ever famously cheated to try to beat you?

Will your greatness be recognized in your lifetime?

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