Which Famous Garden Should You Visit?

By: Mark Lichtenstein
Image: Shutterstock

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Keeping a garden is something most people around the world can do, on some level. Wealth, however, changes things. The rich and powerful have built gardens as personal shrines since the days of Babylon. Many of these are still around and are open to the public. Which one should you plan to visit?

Where have you always dreamed of traveling?

What sort of character should a garden have?

What should be the emphasis of a garden's design?

Who should the garden have been built for originally?

What sort of plant life should a garden contain?

How do you feel about garden architecture?

Do you mind going to a garden in a cold climate?

Do you mind if English isn't spoken where you travel?

Does the garden need to be near a big city?

Does the garden need to be near out-of-town attractions?

Should your ideal garden be more than just a beautiful place for plantlife?

Do you mind being on a plane for a very long time?

Do you mind if you have to eat strange local foods?

Do you mind if you need to use a map to get around?

What are your feelings on the subject of fountains?

Which other attraction sounds like something you'd visit on the same day?

Which place have you already visited and liked?

Which place would you least like to visit?

Do you speak a second language?

How interested in science are you?

How interested in western art are you?

How do you feel about someone building something out of sheer vanity?

Do you mind if you only have access to the garden because of a bloody uprising?

Should a garden be more natural or more artificial?

Do you mind if it rains?

If you could have a huge garden of your own, what would be its defining attribute?

Which historical figure is the most interesting to you?

What month were you thinking of going?

Which other country you'd be interested in visiting on this trip?

How do you feel about the local government where you plan to go?

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