Which Famous General Are You?

Zoe Samuel

Image: Wiki Commons by U.S. Army

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Every nation has, at some time or another, had an army. Even the Vatican had its own army, in the middle ages and Renaissance. Armies fulfill one of the key responsibilities of any nation: protecting its citizenry from invasion. Armies are often employed for their most common nonessential purpose: invasion, but these two binary poles aren't the only use of armies. Today, troops mobilize in times of natural disasters, and they consult on infrastructure, sometimes taking part in major civic building projects. The interstate highway system, for example, was built with USAF use in mind, hence the very long straight sections long enough to use as runways.

At the head of every army is one or more generals. Some generals come and go without notice. As Teddy Roosevelt once observed, you will never know of a great general without a great war. Some people have risen in the ranks at the "right time" if a war can be called the right time, and become part of the list of great generals. The more one reads on the subject, the more one observes that the thought and skills that go into being a good general are not that different from what they were thousands of years ago. Given this, it is possible to make an apples to apples comparison of generals, regardless of the period.

Answer our questions, and we will take stock of your skills and run your numbers against our list of generals, telling you which famous general you are! Mount up! It's time to go to the front!

How far out do you plan the course of your career?

How would you describe your style of management?

How do you shop for food for your household?

What element will give you the upper hand most decisively, when fighting on a desert continent with a coastline?

How would you reward an underling?

Without knowing the specifics, what kind of tool would you want, if we told you that you had to build or fix a thing?

How do you decide on your wardrobe for the day?

How do you manage client expectations?

What is the best way to win a war that has not yet happened?

What is the biggest long term threat to a nation's stability?

How do you approach unproven technology?

What is the single most important thing needed to win a war?

How do you occupy your time when you don't have a project?

Where do you feel the authority or your boss ends?

How do you keep safe when you are out and about?

How do you plan a budget for appliances, durable goods, etc.?

When do you think most armies surrender or retreat?

What is the most culturally corrosive stimulus?

When is open hostility warranted?

Where do the greatest threats to any nation come from?

What is your preferred mode of warfare?

What will utterly destroy any army?

Which of these do you find the most terrifying?

How do you shake off the cobwebs when you've had a lot of time off?

When you are in the midst of a struggle, what is your strategy to win the day?

How do you handle failure?

What is the single best quality in a military leader?

When is the appropriate time to declare war?

How do you stay on the cutting edge in your profession?

How would you deal with an isolated incident of disobedience?

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