Quiz: Which Famous Picasso Best Reflects Your Soul?
Which Famous Picasso Best Reflects Your Soul?
By: Emily Maggrett
Image: Wiki Commons by Picasso

About This Quiz

What makes a work of art stand the test of time? It has to mean something to people. A masterpiece such as the Mona Lisa is still famous because of the skill with which it was painted, but it also inspires wonder through its depiction of a universal human emotion: the mysterious smile. Some of us like the painting because we feel curious about why this woman is smiling, while others enjoy it because we're a bit mysterious ourselves and appreciate seeing our own essence through Da Vinci's eyes.

Which paintings reflect your essence? If you had been painted by a master like Picasso, how would you appear? In this quiz, we're answering just that question, by asking you searching questions about your emotional life. Who are you when you're with your family? Who are you with you're with a new partner? Who are you when you're by yourself? Your answers to these questions can tell us a lot about your true self, which we'll use to match your soul to the appropriate Picasso painting. 

Throughout his extraordinary career, Picasso painted portraits of hundreds of people, in Cubist, Modernist and Neoclassical styles. Are you ready to find out which one tells your story? Play this quiz!

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You're going to a party where you'll see people who don't like you. What do you wear?

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A baby duck has started living in your garden's koi pond. Unfortunately, it's killing all the koi and water hyacinth. How do you handle this situation?

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Another tenant in your building has a hoarding problem. Lately, it's getting worse; the entire stairwell reeks. What do you do?

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You've traveled to a new city for a business conference but the event has unexpectedly been cancelled. How do you spend this free day?

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The Property Brothers show up at your house and offer to help you find a new home. What kind do you choose?

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If you had to guess, what color would you say your aura is?

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Oscar Isaac, Liam Hemsworth and Michael B. Jordan ask you to accompany them to a pool party. What's your gut reaction?

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You have the opportunity to take a college class in any subject you'd like. Which one do you choose?

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A millionaire offers to buy you any breed of dog you want. Which one do you pick?

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Would you rather be a flapper, a Victorian artists' model, a revolutionary or an athlete?

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It's late at night and you're walking home alone. What are you the most afraid of?

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Never mind how old you are; how old do you feel?

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Which of classic these screen sirens do you relate the most to?

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If you were given a gigantic gift certificate to Sephora, what would you buy?

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You're getting married in six months. Which flowers must you have at your wedding?

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