Which Fantasy Land Do You Belong In?

Zoe Samuel

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About This Quiz

Since ancient times, people have created fantasy worlds. Some fantasy worlds exist in religious scripture or mythology. Other imaginary worlds exist because there was a time when ancient authors had to imagine what civilizations laid on the other side of the impassable mountains nearby. 

Still more were created exclusively for fiction, where the audience was in on the fact that these places were completely imaginary. These fantastic worlds could be used to play out the dynamic of problems in our world, with fantasy characters standing in for classes, races, or creeds.

Some worlds feel safe, and offer pure escape and an optimistic take on our world. Others are pessimistic, designed to scare us and make us feel better about the world we live in. Others exist to educate us about how some small aspect of the world works, and what we can learn from it so we can make the world we want to live in.

What sort of a person are you? Certain worlds should appeal to your personality, but just because you have a particular outlook doesn't mean you could survive in a world where existential physical threats to you are present. Take this quiz, answer honestly, and we will tell you which fantasy world you should inhabit!

How comfortable are you with gruesome violence?

How flawed are you?

How willing to forgive egregious errors are you?

How eccentric are you?

How much do you like to savor an adult beverage?

How important is it that things are family friendly?

Do things need to make sense?

How would you finish the sentence, "Technology is..."?

Is there an afterlife?

When someone dies, does it really matter?

Do you still do the things you used to do with your childhood friends?

How important is democracy?

How would you finish the sentence, "Slavery is..."?

How do you feel about artificial intelligence?

How religious are you?

Can you see things from the perspective of your adversaries?

Do you like the cut and thrust of politics?

Do you think the powerful have any responsibility toward the powerless?

How would you describe people who disagree with you?

What should be the goal of all mankind?

What do you think of foreign powers?

How much stock do you put in character?

When it comes right down to it, what should we want out of our world's leaders?

How should one feel if one winds up the sole survivor of a disaster?

Do you trust the so-called experts?

What's the point of wealth?

Does power corrupt?

How do you feel about data mining of your online activities?

How do you feel about powerful women?

How do you feel about ideological fanatics?

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