Which Fantasy Universe Would You Thrive In?

Zoe Samuel

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Fantasy universes are human-conceptualized worlds which involve some type of magic and/or superior technology. In literature, film, television and video games, we have encountered and experienced all different types of worlds and realms. From superhero worlds to those which are set in alternate universes, these magical places transport their readers and viewers to new and unfamiliar places which are filled with adventure, wonder, unique creatures and mystery.

Some of the most well-known fantasy worlds are Middle-earth (from the Lord of the Rings,) Azeroth (from the World of Warcraft,) Wonderland (from Alice in Wonderland,) the Forgotten Realms (from Dungeons & Dragons,) Narnia (from the Chronicles of Narnia,) Westeros (from Game of Thrones,)  the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and the entire Star Wars galaxy. 

Which of the countless fantasy universes do you think you'd thrive in? In this new place filled with unique characters and magical creatures, how will you make a name for yourself? If you would like to know which fantasy realm you should be transported to, take this quiz!

Do you love medieval high fantasy?

How do you feel about going into space?

Do you like magic?

Could you operate in a totalitarian state?

Do you have hope even when things are very bad?

Where and when would you like to live?

What would you like to wear?

Who do you want to hang out with?

What's your idea of fun?

Where do you want to vacation?

Do you think the Industrial Revolution was a mistake?

Are you good with a bow and arrow?

Do you know how to handle the media?

Could you ever be friends with a non-human?

Do you believe in traditional family structures?

Which weapon would you like?

What view would you like from your window?

What real place most looks like Heaven to you?

Do you like the idea of boarding school?

How do you feel about monarchy?

Do you enjoy a rigid class system?

Do you look good on camera?

How resourceful are you?

Do you pick up languages easily?

Do you know how to give a rousing speech?

What sort of villain could you handle?

What sort of hero do you like?

Are you comfortable with technology?

How do you like to communicate?

Do you like having your job chosen for you?

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