Which Female Biblical Figure Are You?

Elisabeth Henderson

Image: Wiki Commons by National Gallery, London

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The women in the Bible are anything but monotone. The Bible doesn’t present a story of how people should act; it stitches together a narrative of how real people have related to each other and to God across a long, complex history. This history is not whitewashed. It’s full of violence, adultery, romance and desire. Through all of this, we read about the lives of women and how they encountered the nitty gritty details of life. While religious teaching often does not focus on the women in scripture (since the main players are often thought of as being men) women’s experiences in the Bible give a valuable perspective for understanding our relationship with God. 

Many of the stories of women in the Bible, from Eve to Esther to Deborah to Mary, have been crucial turning points in the story of salvation. If it weren’t for Rahab or Ruth, we wouldn’t have made it to Jesus, who descended from their line. Some women accept unbelievable promises and live in faith of their fulfillment. Others persist despite being mistreated by oppressive powers. Considering which Biblical woman is most similar to yourself can give you a framework to think about how you relate to God and to others. Take this test to see where you fit in in this great story! 

What has God asked of you?

What has your faith journey been like?

How do you see yourself in your faith community?

What do you need from your faith community?

If your faith were a landscape, what would it be?

How do you feel your faith community supports you?

What difficulties have you encountered in your faith journey?

How do you overcome difficulty?

How do you respond to joy?

What kind of spiritual literature are you into?

How is God revealed to you?

What role are you drawn to in your faith community?

Which spiritual thinker most inspires you?

Which pilgrimage are you most likely to take?

What question do you have for God?

What expression is on God’s face?

Which movie about a spiritual quest do you connect with?

What has God spoken to you?

What does your faith require of you?

How do you grow in your faith?

What do you bring to a potluck event?

How do you prefer to be taught?

What annoys you about your faith community?

What kind of religious music do you prefer?

How do you communicate with people about God?

If your religious style were a biblical form of transportation, what would it be?

What kind of an ending does your faith story have?

What most nourishes your faith?

Who supports you in your faith?

Where do you meet God?

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