Quiz: Which Festival Hairstyle Should You Rock?
Which Festival Hairstyle Should You Rock?
By: Jennifer Post
Image: wundervisuals / E+ / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Real talk: festivals are the time and place where you can go completely wild with your fashion, makeup and hair, and no one can say anything about it. These are the places of no judgement where everyone is collectively there for a common interest. One of those common interests in fun hairstyles that would never fly at your 9-5 job. Some of these hairstyles take practice, through, so figuring out which style you want to do ahead of time will help the overall success of the style. 

How exactly does one choose a festival hairstyle? Well, first, it might depend on which festival you're going to. If it's a music festival, you can get away with basically anything someone would do for Coachella. Keep in mind that the Warped Tour is a whole different story, and when Lilith Fair was still around, that was a different ballpark altogether. The main thing to focus on is that hair is one of the many ways you can express who you are. And since music is another way you can express who you are, it makes sense that you can rock a unique hairstyle at a festival. If you're still having trouble deciding, take this quiz to find out which festival hairstyle you should rock!

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How often do you get your hair done at the salon?

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What does your look like when you leave it to dry naturally?

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Out of the following options, which would your friends most describe you as?

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What type of chocolate are you most likely to eat when an intense craving hits?

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If you were to get a piercing tomorrow, which one would you get?

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Who is your favorite Harry Potter character?

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Who below has the best hair?

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