Which Fictional Planet Are You?

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The fictional universe is full of wild and wonderful planets, each with unique qualities. Some of these planets, either due to their inherent properties, proximity to a stellar body, or existence in a science fiction universe with specific rules, have unusual physics, strange creatures, unreal climates, magic monks, or cyborg races.

More interestingly, these planets are a product of their inhabitants, just as their inhabitants are a product of the planetary environment. The Ice Warriors of Mars, a reptile race of warriors from the stories of the "Doctor Who" mythos, became "ice warriors" because of their battles with a strange intelligence living in liquid water, which they had to lock in ice to stop it from taking over the universe. The result of this was a highly militarized race of martial lizard people, made hardy through their struggles, and a barren planet where all the water is frozen to prevent the rise of the water-borne intelligence that sought to take over all water-based intelligent life.

We may be from planet Earth, but that doesn't mean we are all like our home world. We create fiction to exhibit our traits and see them from a third person perspective. In science fiction and fantasy, this sometimes means creating alien planets on which to stage a story. Which of these planets reflects a part of you? Take this quiz to find out!

How much do you read?

How tough are you?

What part of the work day is the most stressful to you?

How do you feel about climate change?

Which is the best sci-fi TV show?

How do you usually handle meeting someone new?

How confrontational are you?

What social class do you fit into?

How far do you go with your religion?

Which version of "Highlander" should be considered canon?

How much do you like to travel?

What time period do you find the most interesting?

How snobby are you?

Who do you look down on?

Who was the best Doctor?

What sort of profession do you give the most business?

What is your dream job?

Who is your role model?

How many pets do you own?

What can you not leave home without?

Who would win in a war: the Galactic Empire or the Federation?

What kind of music do you listen to?

Where would you love to live for a year?

What's your favorite kind of food?

What would you consider a lovely holiday gift?

How do you like to spend your birthday?

Where did you meet your very best friend?

Who are you attracted to?

How do you deal with complex problems?

How well do you keep in good health?

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